About Arthur

Arthur has started his photography experience when he was very young. Having the enthusiastic and passion on the photography, he starts learning photography in his school days and take photography as his major interest.

With his sense of photography and working experience in the business world, he will take the balance on understanding clients’ need and also providing professional advise on art directions.

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Short Bio

Who is Arthur
Arthur is a freelance photographer. Of course, he loves taking great pictures.
What does Arthur do
He does all kinds of photo-shootings, including pre-wedding portraits, wedding day photojournalism, family portraits, commercial photo shootings.
Furthermore, he does IT-related services like website production and mobile app developments.

What makes Arthur special – The work flow of developing great photos of you



With our portfolio provided, you should have a brief idea on how Arthur shoots and develops photos. Decide and let us know the style you like.



Before the photo shooting, Arthur would discuss with you on your personalities and characteristics. He believes the photos should be presenting you. Having the discussion, Arthur will get to know you more and will create great pictures of you.



It is true that not everyone being shoot are professional models, especially for the brides and grooms. Throughout the shooting section, Arthur and his professional team will interact with you and give you advise in front of the lens.



It was not the end of the photo development process. Arthur also focus on post-shooting selection and production. It is not always the best weather or environment on the shooting scene. Post-production would help to resolve any uncertainty upon shooting was made.